Little gourmets are meeting with new foods!

Introducing solids  is the most exciting, colorful and at the same time most challenging part of a baby's diet. But in fact if you really know what you are doing, it is not that hard. It is not rocket science. Introducing solids to babies is a process that is being tested for many years and all civilized countries follow similar rules except a few differences in opinion.

There are 3 rules to stick to:

- Acquaint yourself with the basic rules as much as you can
- Know your baby and try to understand him and read the signals he sends
- Always respect the preferences and timing of your baby

Dear mothers, here at Gurme Bebek we are trying to guide the mothers of your little ones, the most important chefs of the world. Information you will find on this site are prepared in the light of practices in developed countries and recommendations of World Health Organization. You can trust our advices. However when introducing solids, always make sure you listen to your doctor.

Read the golden rules of introducing solids very carefully. The important thing is to feed your baby in a secure way. At the initial stage always keep your eye on allergic reactions  and digestion problems. Worldwide applied three day waiting rule  and separation of stage one and stage two foods  shall play an important role at this point.

Feeding your baby in the best way possible is an instinct for all of us and it is this instinct that keeps humans going. So you also want to feed your baby in the best way possible and there are ways to do this. For example, even the tiniest details about storage and cooking   may increase or decrease the quality of your baby's diet. You must make sure that your baby is full and you feed them with foods of high quality.

You are the most important chef of the world, cause you are feeding our next generation! Diet on months 6, 7 and 8 are the times when you lay the foundation for a life time. Avoid giving empty calories to your baby and take a look at recommendations and  recipes for month 6-8

But always remember that establishing a healthy relation with food is as important as diet you plan for each month. If he does not finish his veggie puree right then, this will not prevent his development but the relationship he builds with the food will affect all his life and today will be the day you lay the foundations of that relationship.

Nothing can change the memory of his first bite of the puree you cooked for him with your own hands. Remind yourself that there is no adult in the world who couldn't manage to start eating solids and lean backwards and enjoy this journey!