How to do

To prepare this delicious and very easy to make apple puree;
Peel the skin of the apple and remove the seeds.
Chop it in big chunks.
Stem or cook with 2-3 table spoons of water until it’s tender. Then mash it with water.
You may add a little cinnamon 


cinnamon if you wish...
Boiling the vegetables and fruits with plenty of water causes loss of vitamins; besides the formula you prepare to be diluted.
The correct solution is to steaming or boiling them with a little water.

Keep in Mind

Start adding cinnamon a while after your baby is used to eating solids.
First add a tiny amount with the edge of a spoon.
If your little gourmet likes the taste, increase the amount gradually in the future.
Good news to mother chefs: Cinnamon is an appetizer! So you may use it in your dishes for all the good reasons.
Just keep in mind that you may grate apple puree with a glass grate and you don't need to cook it.
But if the apple is too hard, it would be better to cook it.
Try to give all fruits with edible skins to your baby without peeling of their skin. Apple and all the others...
Did you know that when you mix the apple in the mixer with their skin on, the skin becomes almost invisible?
One lasti, very useful tip coming: You can benefit from this recipe and use it like to flavor all kinds of foods!

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