How to do

ut the stems of artichokes to leave 2-3 cm and pluck the lower leaves.
Cut the top 3-4 cm.
Wash it thoroughly under water.
Add one or two cloves of garlic to a pot filled with water; if you wish you may add bay leaf.
Place the artichokes in the pot. Boil them.
Reduce the heat.
Cook for 25 minutes.
Sometimes cooking time may last up to 45 minutes.
If the leaves come off easily, it means they are cooked.
You may enjoy it hot or cold.
Both you and your baby will enjoy plucking and eating the leaves.
You may prepare a sauce with yoghurt and dip the leaves in this sauce.
After a while you will feel the hairy stuff at the bottom.
By removing these hairs with a spoon you will reach the heart of the artichoke.
If you like you may prepare a yogurt sauce on the side.
You may even combine avocado and yogurt.
You will enjoy dipping the artichoke hearts in this sauce.
Such a delicious and healthy dish coming from the heart of nature! Taste, touch, smell, feel; use you senses to explore and discover this lovely dish. If you wish make it a fun time to get a taste of nature, to explore and to enjoy... Delicious and quality time, huh? Bon appetite!

Keep in Mind

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