How to do

Blend the peas with a blender.
Mash the avocado.
Mix the avocado and the peas with yogurt.
If you wish you may mix it with whole wheat bread or rye bread crumbs.
You may substitute bread with boiled brown rice.
Enjoy this yummy dish with your little gourmet. Bon Appetite!


Wheat flour contains gluten. And this may cause allergies.
Gurme Bebek does not advise dishes made with whole wheat before month 9.
You may prepare this recipe without bread until month 9 or you may enrich it with boiled brown rice.

Keep in Mind

If your baby has already started eating finger foods, you may spread this mix over a slice of bread and serve.
It's up to you and your baby how grainy the mixture will be.
But keep in mind that in early months, babies should get used to grainy form of foods.
If your baby refuses to eat grainy forms of food in the future, blender will have to be your best friend.
But of course always observe the signals your little gourmets give to you and adjust the grainy form accordingly.
If you boil the vegetables with too much water, you will both lose their nutritional value and the dish will be too juicy.
Brown rice is a nutritious source that experts frequently recommend in recent years.
Its’ manganese content is vital.
Before boiling brown rice, it will be easier to cook it if you keep it in warm or hot water for some time.

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