How to do

Mash the avocado.
Mix it well with yogurt.
If you wish you may mix it with whole wheat bread or rye bread crumbs.
You may substitute bread with boiled brown rice.
Ready to serveJ Bon Appetite!


You may add avocado to your baby’s diet after months 4 and 6.
You can find a lot of recipes made with this miraculous avocado fruit.


Wheat flour contains gluten. And this may cause allergies.
Gurme Bebek does not advise dishes made with whole wheat before month 9.
You may prepare this recipe without bread until month 9 or you may enrich it with boiled brown rice.

Keep in Mind

If your baby has already started eating finger foods, you may spread this mix over a slice of bread and serve.
This is a dip that goes well with chips and mother chefs may prepare this recipe for their guests as well! Of course without adding wheat germ and rice; and perhaps by adding some lemon and black pepper.
This is the most nutritious snack in the whole world!

Sender : Seda Sümer | Other recipes
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