How to do

Remove the seeds of apple but don't peel off the skin.
Divide it in half.
If your baby is ready to eat dairy products, you may rub some butter on it.
Add some cinnamon.
Place the apples on a baking tray.
Add small amount of water.
Bake it for 25 minutes at 200 degrees.
You may peel the skins off after they cool down.
You may chop the apples in small chunks and offer it as finger food .
Or you may make a puree out of it.
So many lovely alternatives! Yummy, healthy and perfect for self-feeding if served as finger food. Bon appetite!


As of month 6, the time you introduce solids to your baby, try different recipes with apple and help to improve palate of your little gourmets.
You may grate apple puree with a glass grate and you don't need to cook it.

Keep in Mind

But if the apple were too hard, it would be better to cook it.
Try giving all fruits with edible skins to your baby without peeling of their skin, including apple.
Did you know that when you mix the apple in the mixer with their skin on, the skin becomes almost invisible?
You can use this recipe instead of sugar to flavor all kinds of foods.

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