How to do

Divide the apricot in two and remove the seeds.
Place it on baking paper with cut parts facing down.
Bake at 200 degrees until tender.
For infants, thin it with blender.
If you wish, you may serve it as finger food.
Add a pinch of cinnamon.
Enjoy this lovely and healthy dish with your little ones. Bon appetite!


Feeding apricot to your babies in different forms will help your baby to adopt to taste varieties.
As it is an appetizing food, cinnamon will come to rescue of mothers who have babies with poor appetite.

Keep in Mind

If your baby has started eating finger foods, you may split the apricot in small bites and serve him.
After age 1, you may serve cooked apricots splits.
Don't forget that each child is unique and has his own way.
Thus adjust the size and softness of the foods you will give to your baby depending on his development and always follow the golden safety rules regarding finger foods.
Click here to learn whether your baby is ready for finger foods or not.

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