How to do

Cut many bananas as you like in half from the middle.
Spread some butter on them
Bake at 175 minutes.
You may sprinkle cinnamon or walnut on it after you take it out.
Done! A sweet, irresistible, homemade taste for your little gourmets. A healthy treat to enjoy, pamper them and boost some happiness and joy…We all need it, right? Bon appetite!


Walnut is an allergenic food.
Generally the time to introduce walnuts is month 12.
However many doctors advise feeding walnuts at earlier months.
Always consult your doctor about feeding your baby walnuts before month 12.
You may serve this delicious dessert on plate or as finger food.
You may mash it as well.
And also try spreading it on pancakes.
It will be amazing!

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