How to do

Process the cherries with a blender.  
Combine all the ingredients
Set it aside for 20 minutes.
Shape it in any way you like and bake it at 170 degrees.
Now it’s time to enjoy this yummy treat! Little gourmets would love it and would definitely ask for more. Who is more popular now? You or your famous cherry biscuits?:) Bon Appetite!


You may keep it in the fridge up to 1 week - 10 days in a closed container.
For babies that are 12+, you don't need to process cherries with a blender.


You should be cautious when feeding babies with products that contain wheat.
Wheat contains gluten and babies are very responsive to gluten.
Gurme Bebek recommends introducing wheat products to your babies at month 8.
Always consult your doctor about wheat products and any food you will serve your baby for the first time.
Remove walnut from recipe for little gourmets that are under 1 year old.

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