How to do

Place all materials in a small pot.
Cover them with water and cook it at low heat for 5 minutes.
When they are soft, you can thin it with a blender.


Experts say that blueberry can be introduced to babies at month 9.
However a slight allergy risk still exists.
Symptoms of blueberry allergy are minor coughing, uneasiness, itching and swelling of the lips.
Sometimes packed dried blueberries are soaked in sugar.
Blueberries should not be too sweet.
Always ask when you are buying.

Keep in Mind

Fresh blueberry has an effect on the intestines, helping them work.
You may give your baby blueberries when he suffers from constipation but not when he has diarrhea.
Read our article for detailed information about blueberries that babies and children love.

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