How to do

Boil the egg for 10 minutes with its shell on.
Remove the yolk and put it in a bowl and mash it with a fork.
Add two spoons of yogurt or as much breast milk as it takes and mix well.
Very simple, very healthy and delicious… Bon Appetite!


If the egg is boiled too much, the greenish color formed around the yolk shows that nutritional value of the egg is lost.
Gurme Bebek advises you not to serve these to your babies and kids.
Egg yolk should not be raw due to the risk of salmonella.
Don't give egg yolk to your baby before month 8 and egg white before month 12.

Keep in Mind

When introducing solids, little gourmets are not allowed to eat egg whites until 1 year old as it is allergenic.
Mother chefs are confused about how to serve egg yolks to their babies because egg yolk is a little hard to eat by itself.It may be a good idea to dilute it with yogurt or mother's milk.

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