Breast milk is always perfectly clean, ready and just at the right temperature. After starting supplementary food, you will understand the importance of these 3 words better because feeding the baby is never as practical as it is during the breastfeeding period. Thanks to breastfeeding, at which part of the world mom is, as long as the baby is with her, she can feed her baby in the most economical and practical way possible.

Breast milk is a unique, special and fresh fluid. It contains special cells, antibodies, lysozyme that protects the child from microbes. As it boost the immune system of the baby, infections like diarrhea, otitis media, pneumonia and allergic diseases are seen less in babies breastfed in their first 6 months. Digestion related discomforts (gas, constipation, colic, vomiting) are observed in breastfed babies. Breast milk has very positive effects on visual development and development of the retina thanks to fatty acids it contains like Omega 3, Omega 6. In this respect, visual acuity of babies that are breast-fed in their first 6 months are much better.

Since sucking develops masseter muscles, it contributes to healthier jaw structure and speaking skills in the years ahead.

Breast-feeding the baby in the first 6 months improves the health in adult age. The reason for this is that breast milk balances the immune system of your baby. A strong immune system stimulates allergic and autoimmune diseases; whereas poor performing immune system may increase prevalence of infections and diseases like cancer. As breast milk helps establishing a healthy balance of the immune system, this provides protection against high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, MS, diabetes in their adult life.