Problems during breastfeeding:

  • Baby feels restless from time to time
  • Baby may wish to re-nurse right after nursing
  • Desiring nursing more often
  • Breasts may not feel full
  • Less frequent nursing or for shorter periods
  • Waking up frequently at night
  • Asking for bottle-feed right after nursing
  • Mother cannot express enough milk 
You should not worry… If weight gain and height increase of your baby is normal, that means everything is going well.

It is a common condition that a baby refuses breast-feeding. However it is possible to resolve it. When baby refuses the breast, mother will be worried, feel rejected and will be disappointed. If you can find the reason why baby is unenthusiastic about breastfeeding, you will resolve the problem by eliminating that reason. During the period when the baby refuses nursing, the breast should be emptied in an efficient way and support breast milk production.

Before each feeding session, the mother should offer but never force the baby to breastfeed. Afterwards without pausing the mother should express her milk. Attention should be paid to this so that the amount of breast milk production does not change when the baby goes back to nursing.

Reasons why babies refuse breastfeeding:
  • He is sick,
  • He has oral thrush,
  • He is teething (for older babies),
  • He is not getting enough breast milk due to his position,
  • When you express fast and extreme amount of breast milk comes out,
  • When he senses a change, he refuses to breastfeed.
Now you know about the common reasons of breastfeeding problems. Please relax and note that they can be resolved most of the time. At times like these, you need to be intimate with your baby; even let her sleep with you if necessary. Don’t hesitate to breastfeed whenever your baby asks for it and try various positions… Just make sure your baby embraces the breast easily. And now truly feel that everything will be ok, because that’s what’s going to be… Before we close on this subject, last but not least: Express your milk if you need to but use a spoon or cup to feed your baby instead of bottle feeding. This is all you need to know to simply enjoy the moment with your baby.