Especially in winter, mothers may suffer from infections like the flu. If that happens, you don’t need to stop breastfeeding. It’s useful to know that diarrhea is not transmitted from the breast milk to the baby as well. These types of diseases are spread by non-hygienic hands or droplets, in other words with oral-nasal secretions like sneezing. To prevent this, hands should be washed often and a mask should be worn. Just be careful not to have close contact with your baby's face while you’re sick. And don’t be harsh on yourself; believe it or not, there’s something good about your sickness. While you’re sick, antibodies fighting against the disease will also be transferred to your baby through breast milk and this will in fact strengthen your baby's immune system.

It is ok for moms to use any drug that is appropriate for the babies. Because the amount your baby gets via breast milk is much lower than the amount you take. Simple vitamins, most antibiotics, paracetamol type pain killers can be used safely. But you should watch out for Aspirin and Novalgine since aspirin may cause bleeding and Novalgine may have negative effects on some blood cells.

Anti-vomiting medicine should not be taken unless you really have to. And please note that some of the psychiatric medicines are not appropriate as well. Cancer drugs, since they’re efficacious on cell division, should not be taken during the breastfeeding period.