Are you aware that there are healthy microbes and flora bacteria on breasts? When you over clean your breasts, you may contaminate the area with unhealthy bacteria and fungi, which may cause candidiasis. Therefore, following your breastfeed, it’s be enough to rub your breast with a dry pad, wash it with clear water once a day and clean it with soap foam once-twice a week. This is a simple way of not destroying the natural flora barrier.

Cleaning the breast with sodium bicarbonate is a common mistake. Keep in mind that sodium bicarbonate might kill healthy bacteria placed on your breasts and, thus it’s not recommended.

Another useful tip would be about the nipple creams. Good news is; you don't need to wash away or wipe off herbal breast creams unless they contain additives like lanolin or paraben. So it’d be one less task for you.

Vitamin E capsules are also very effective for this task. Just stop by the nearest pharmacy, get a Vitamin E capsule. With the help of a needle, pierce it, rub the oily substance on the nipple and continue breastfeeding. You don’t need to wash off and clean the breast. Just feel the love and enjoy the moment of intimacy with your baby and leave everything aside peacefully….