How to do

Peel the skin of the carrots and grate them.
Add sugar and stew it.
It will first release its juices; then the water will vaporize completely.
When it is starting to roast, add butter and roast a little further.
Then add the cinnamon and crumbled and grounded biscuits until it achieves the consistency desired.
Round the mixture in the size of walnut and coat it with coconut.
A lovely treat; fun and playful to eat… Bon Appetite!


As it has dough like consistency, it will be hard to shape it when it is hot.
So you should better keep it in the fridge for a while.
You may replace sugar with molasses.
But then you will need to increase the amount of biscuits.
You may add a little molasses and a little biscuit by rule of thumb.

Keep in Mind

Spit the balls on a stick for birthdays or dip it in melted chocolate and serve it to your kids.
A very healthy chocolate option!

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