How to do

ube-cut and steam the vegetables.
Add cheese in a burn-proof pot and melt it at very low heat.
Pour the cheese over vegetables.
Wait until the mixture is cool.
Readt to serve! A great vegetable dish that doesn’t lok like oneJ Bon Appetit!


Vegetables with cheese sauce may be a good alternative for babies who don't refuse to eat vegetables.
Let your children eat these yummy vegetables by themselves .
But of course make sure that your baby is ready to eat finger foods.

Keep in Mind

Babies and children sometimes have hard time adapting to the taste of vegetables.
In our web site, you could find a lot of healthy recipes that will help your baby learn to love vegetables.
Furthermore one of the basic conditions for healthy nutrition is to use fruits and vegetables of the season.
We advise you to read our article about fruits and vegetables of the season.

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