How to do

Peel the skin of carrot and cut it in cubes.
Put these in a small pot and cover it with just enough water.
Boil the carrots until they are cooked.
Add the flour in the soup pan and gradually add the chicken broth.
Stir it continuously until it boils to prevent lump formation.
Chop the chicken finely and add it to the pot.
After you drain boiled carrots, add them to the soup.
After the soup boils a little further, gradually add the egg yolk.
Take it off the stove and process it with a blender.
Ready! A heart-warming chicken soup you may serve with little heart-warming stories along with it… A lovely time to spend with your little gourmets! Bon Appetite!


You should be cautious when feeding babies with products that contain wheat.
Wheat contains gluten and babies are very responsive to gluten.
Gurme Bebek recommends introducing wheat products to your babies at month 8.
Please consult your doctor about wheat products.
All recipes containing eggs should be cooked.
It is harder to digest the raw egg and microorganism contamination risk arises.
The most common one is the salmonella infection.
Egg yolk is advised after month 8 and egg white after 1 year old.

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