How to do

Mash 1,5 glass of boiled chickpea, with skins removed.
Add one grated onion and a clove of garlic.
Grate half a glass of kashar cheese.
Add one egg, a pinch of salt and cumin; then add the flour.
Add some parsley and keep it in the fridge for a little while.  Take a spoon of this mixture and fry both sides in a pan.
Yogurt would go well with this lovely dish. Enjoy it with your little gourmet. Bon appetite!


This chickpea dish would be a great finger food alternative for little gourmets that wish to eat it by themselves.


Chickpea may cause gas pains in babies. Thus to minimize this risk, throw away the water you used for boiling and wash the chickpea one more time.
I believe babies should start eating chickpeas after month 9.

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