How to do

Combine bread crumbs, grated parmesan, salt, black pepper and paprika.
Whisk the eggs in another bowl.
Cut the fish in 2 cm long strips.
When cutting the fish, remember to follow the natural lines on the fish.
Dry the fish with a paper towel.
Than dip them in flour, egg and bread crumbles in this order.
Place the fish on baking paper on a baking tray.
Cook them for 15 minutes, in 200 degrees.
Combine all the ingredients for the sauce.
Serve your yummy fish on skewers with sauce on the side. Enjoy!


Wait for 10 minutes before cooking in order for the coating to infuse in the fish.
You may use the Japanese bread crumbs Panko instead of regular bread crumbs.


Which fish should be given in which season
Always consult your doctor about the foods you will feed to your baby for the first time and  follow the three day waiting rule 

Keep in Mind

You may flavor it with lemon or other sauces in the way your child will enjoy. Serve it with green salad on the side; a delicious and balanced dish to cheer up your little one!
Make sure you feed your child fresh fish of the season after consulting your doctor.
We advise you to read our article about Which fish to give in which season.

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