How to do

Chop the cucumber in the size and form that your baby will enjoy.
Squeeze the extra water with your hands.
Add the cucumbers, dill, mashed garlic, oil, lemon juice and salt to the condensed yogurt.
Cover it and set is aside - minimum for 2 hours and maximum for 8 hours.
This way, all the flavors will infuse.
Place it in the bowl you will use for serving and decorate it with dill. Delicious and healthy! Bon Appetite!

​We recommend you to serve this dip with meatballs.

Keep in Mind

Before adding garlic to this recipe, always keep this in mind:
Always follow the same principle that you follow with other dishes.
Yes, we use garlic to flavor our dishes but it's totally new for our babies.
When you are introducing garlic for the first time, serve it along with another food that you are sure your baby is not allergic  to.
In other words, don't introduce another new food with garlic.
And please follow the three-day waiting rule.
Always keep in mind to taste the dishes including garlic before you feed them to your baby.
Some types of garlic may be very tangy.

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