Benefits of almond milk

There are many reason behind the popularity of almond milk nowadays in develop countries. There are countless benefits of almond milk. Digestion problems caused by cow's milk  is one of the other reasons why almond milk is so popular Yet almond milk does not contain  lactose which lies behind the cow's milk related problems.

Just like other dairy products,  almond milk is also a great  calcium source. 1 cup of almond milk meets 30% of daily calcium need. Milk is known to be a great Vitamin E source. 1 cup of almond milk supplies 125% of daily Vitamin E need. This rate is 50% in cow's milk.

Just like other dried fruits, almond is a fat store. If your little gourmet is a little chubby, and you still want him to benefit from nutritious power of almond you can give him almond milk. Cause 1 cup of almond has 47 grams of fat whereas almond milk has much lower fat content.

Keep in mind
Almond milk is a true vitamin and mineral source but not a very good protein source. Cow's milk is better in terms of protein.  Almond milk may be a very good alternative to add a little spice to your menu or to encourage little ones who don't like cow's milk.  If your baby refuses to drink cow's milk, you must try the almond milk and you will be surprised of the result.


Almond milk is an extremely healthy alternative but it is better to give it to children after age of 2 as it poses allergy risk. Almond is one of the allergic foods. When you experience almond related allergy, itching, abdominal cramp, vomiting, diarrhea, nasal discharge, coughing and sneezing may occur. In case of extreme allergies, it may cause life-critical reactions. So don't give almond milk to your child if he is inclined to allergies.