Benefits of butter

Butter is important for diet of your baby with its Vitamin A, CLA and Omega-3 content and plays a supportive role in healthy development of your babies. Experts and experienced mothers recommend 1 tea spoon of butter to be consumed every day by toddlers.
If your little gourmet is 6 months old and you have successfully introduced solids to them, there would be no harm in adding a little butter to their dishes. Digestive system may be intolerant to the content of butter before month 6. You'd better not eat excessive amounts of butter hat is high in calorie but not nutritious enough. If your little gourmet does not like the veggie puree you prepare for them, you may add a little butter in it, however if he already likes the toast you make him, you don't need to put extra butter on it.
When it comes to the health of your baby the food you eat must be organic and pure as much as possible. If you are able to find it, you should prefer butter made using the milk expressed from grass-fed animal as they are more natural and healthier.
Keep in mind
Make sure that the butter you choose is salt-free. Because the salt in butter may be hard on the kidneys of your baby and slow down his metabolism.
If your baby's weight is less than it should be, don't try to close this gap by feeding him too much fat than required. In this regard, diet and fat consumption amounts that your doctor will recommend will be the healthiest choice.
Don't worry about the milk proteins in butter. If your baby did not react to milk based formula or breast milk, any reaction to the content of butter will not be likely.