Benefits of kephir

What is kephir? Kephir is a cultivated drink rich in enzymes. It is a great way to balance ecosystem of your body. It is a better nutrient than yoghurt because it contains protein, essential minerals and Vitamin B. Kephir is rich in Vitamin B12, B1 and K. And it is a great biotin source. It is a Vitamin B derivative that ensures absorption of all kinds of Vitamin B like biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and B 12. It's extraordinary effects in regulating liver, kidneys and nervous systems comes from this.

Tryptophan, one of the amino acids in kephir, relaxes and regulates the nervous system. It also contains calcium and magnesium and these are required for a healthy nervous system. It is a great phosphor source. And this helps carbohydrates, fat and protein to be used by the body in the most effective way possible.
Kephir is also good for lack of appetite, insomnia, upper respiratory tract infections and allergy and plays a key role in diet of babies as it helps babies to get vitamin and minerals from foods in a much efficient way. 
What is the difference between kephir and yoghurt? 
Both kephir and yoghurt are cultivates dairy products. However they contain different bacteria. Yoghurt helps cleanse the digestive system and cultivates healthy bacteria in our body whereas kephir balances and supports intestinal flora. It is much more efficacious on healthy digestion and intestines compared to yoghurt. Click here for kephir recipe.
Keep in mind 
You should prefer home-made kephir instead of the commercially available ones. This way, you will make your little ones drink natural and healthy kephir. Experts recommend pasteurized daily milk to be used for preparing kephir. Also it is very important to choose whether cow's milk or goat's milk. 
Another point to be considered during preparation of kephir is not to use a metal container or spoon. Metal materials will cause the yeast you will use to prepare kephir non-functional.