How to do

Wash the damson plums and split them into 4 pieces. Wash the date palms, remove the skins and chop finely.
Bring 1 liter of apple juice to boil until it darkens.
Add the date palms in the darkened apple juice  and boil it a little more.
Then add the damson plums and cloves.
When it reaches the desired consistency, add  the lemon juice in it.
After boiling it for 2-3 more minutes, remove the cloves. Take it off the stove and pour it in glass jars. A yummy treat for your little gourmet to enjoyJ Bon Appetite!


Date palm makes the jam thicker and adds zest to it.


Please keep in mind that date palm is highly sweet so you should not use it too much.
Date palm sold in the market is generally softened in sugar.
Read the label or ask the store when buying date palm.
Always peel off the date palm’s skin, otherwise it may stick your baby’s throat.

Keep in Mind

Homemade apple juice is preferred as it's sugar level and aroma is much richer. However if this is not possible, please go with the product of a reliable brand.

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