How to do

Cook the winter squash with a small amount of water or steam it.
Mash the cooked winter squash.
Combine it with peeled and mashed avocado and peach.
Add wheat germ.
To flavor it, you may add cinnamon. Now, it’s time to enjoy this yummy dish!


wheat germ
Wheat flour contains glüten and it may cause allergy in babies.
Gurme Bebek does not recommend dishes made with whole wheat before month 8.
You can fix this recipe without wheat germ until month 8.

Keep in Mind

If you boil the vegetables with too much water, you will lose their nutritional value and the dish will be to juicy.

Only 1 kilo wheat germ can be produced from 1 ton wheat. For more information about this nutrient that is very beneficial for babies and children thanks to its Vitamin E, folic acid and iron, you can read our article

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