How to do

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
You may either serve it in sliced form or puree it.
You may also add yogurt in it to make it creamier.
Flax seed , freshly grounded, can be added (1 dessert spoon) for its Omega 3  
content. Nice, simple and ready to be served! Sometimes it feels so effortless to be cool, healthy and happy… Wonderful feeling, right? Bon Appetite!


Flax seed is a super food however it may not be right to give it to babies every day in high amounts.
Always consult doctor before giving your baby flax seed and to avoid allergy risks, follow the 3-day waiting rule like you do in any food you will introduce your baby.

Keep in Mind

You may prepare this salad with any fruit of the season.

Sender : Seda Sümer | Other recipes
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