How to do

If the pear is ripe, grate it with a glass grater and if not, steam it or boil it in hot water for only a few minutes.
Mash it with a fork or put it in a food processor.
Remove the avocado seed and mash it with banana.
Mix all the fruits with wheat germ. Enjoy your fresh and yummy salad!
If you want to boost the protein, you can add a spoon of yoghurt.


If you want to thin the fruits with a blender, don't peel off the skin to maintain its nutritional value. Don't forget that skins of fruits are very valuable!When you cook the fruits, add that remaining cooking water to formulas.


wheat germ
Wheat contains gluten.
Consult your doctor keeping in mind the possibility of your baby having gluten allergy.

Keep in Mind

Boil it with a little water or steam it.
Only 1 kilo wheat germ can be produced from 1 ton  wheat. For more information about this nutrient that is very beneficial for babies and children thanks to its Vitamin E, folic acid and iron, you can read our article

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