Benefits of apple
Apple is a very rich food as it contains two different types of fibers. Apple contains both soluble and insoluble fibers at the same time. This will regulate intestinal activity. Despite all benefits known, researchers say that they could not determine all the truth about apple. In other words apple also has some unknown benefits. In short, “apple” is one of the most basic supporters of us. 
Keep in mind 
Apple is one of the first foods that mother chefs can offer to their little gourmets. It is easy to prepare and to digest and is very nutritious. Benefits of apple are more than you can guess. What more would mothers want? Moreover you can use apple in very different ways. You can add it almost to any food you prepare. If you want you can add it to yoghurt, mashed vegetables or to the cake you will give your baby.

This is also true for apple juice however when they drink the juice, they can't benefit from the pulp of the apple.
Apple contains fructose sugar. It's sweet and sometimes slightly sour sweetener. You can use apple instead of sugar to flavor all kinds of foods. Apple puree is a great sweetener and can be used in many foods. If apple dessert and candied apple are the only recipes with apple that you know of, we have great news for you! For recipes about many creative and baby friendly Gurme Bebek food like baked apple  please click here.

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Apple included, try to give all fruits with edible skins to your baby without peeling of their skin. Did you know that when you mix the apple in the mixer with their skin on, the skin becomes almost invisible? 


Apple has a natural coat of wax. Agriculturists can now produce this wax and coat the fruits with it as it prevents nutritious and humidity loss of the fruit. These are claimed to be edible waxes. But to avoid all risks, it is better to wash the pear with warm water before giving it to babies.

Nutritional value per 1 medium sized apple; 
Vitamin A - 73 IU 
Vitamin C - 9 mg 
Folate - 4 mcg 
Vitamin E - .66 IU 

Potassium - 158 mg 
Calcium - 9.5 mg 
Phosphor - 9.5 mg 
Magnesium - 7 mg 
Selenium - .4 mg