Benefits of blackberry

Blackberry is one of the foods that will  boost immunity of your baby. Even if it is not one of the stage one foods  of your baby, it is one of the foods that your baby may like during the upcoming days of introducing solids... If you wish, you can give it to your baby as finger food . Let him enjoy it with his hands and stop worrying about the stains on his clothes. But you need to stay by his side all the time to prevent the risk of it from sticking in his throat.
Keep in mind
Blackberry supports the body when fighting with infections.  
Don't forget the diuretic effect of blackberry. 
Nutritional value per 100 gram blackberry;
Calcium 32 mg 
Iron 0.57 mg 
Magnesium 20 mg 
Phosphor 21 mg 
Potassium 196 mg 
Manganese 1.3 mg 
Vitamin C 21 mg 
Folate 34 mcg 
Vitamin A 165 IU