Benefits of Blueberry

Immune system  boosting fruit has its unique taste thanks to its anthocyanin content. It is known that this substance supercharges the brain. If you want your little gourmet to reap the benefits of this strong anthocyanin give him fresh blueberry. Cause anthocyanin is beneficial when it is fresh. When it is subjected to any process, all its good effects are lost so foods that are said to contain blueberry will not be as effective as fresh blueberry.

Besides this blueberry is rich in manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fiber. What more can you ask for!
It is possible to find fresh blueberry in Turkey in its harvesting season Other than that time, you can try dried blueberries. However in turkey blueberries are mostly coated with sugar. Always read the label before buying. Avoid giving your child excessive sugar unnecessarily.
Points to consider before giving sugar to babies?
Keep in mind
You can store blueberries fresh in your fridge for two-three days.
If your little gourmet eats too much blueberry, his poop may be of the same purple color, you don't need to worry about this.
Fresh blueberry has stool softening effect. You can give your baby blueberry when he suffers from constipation but not when he has diarrhea. But be careful, this is not true for dried blueberry. On the contrary, dried blueberry causes constipation. So avoid giving dried blueberries to your baby when he suffers from constipation. Give him dried blueberries when he has diarrhea.
Besides this, it is known that blueberry is effective against urinary tract infection. If your baby suffers from this infection, you may include blueberry in his menu by consulting his doctor.

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Experts say that blueberry can be introduced to babies at month 9. However a slight allergy risk still exists. Symptoms of allergy to blueberry are minor coughing, uneasiness, itching and swelling of the lips.
Nutritional value per 1 cup of blueberry;
Vitamin A 79.9 IU
Vitamin C 14.4 mg
Vitamin E 0.8 mcg
Vitamin K 28.6 mcg
Calcium 8.9 mg
Iron 0.4 mg
Magnesium 8.9 mg
Phosphor 17.8 mg                                                   Potassium      114 mg   
Manganese     0.5 mg