Orange has countless benefits. It is also rich in fibers, organic acids and sugar. It boost the body resistance. It helps to purify blood. It helps with digestion. Gives energy to the body.

Orange also contains folac*** and folic acid, a variety of Vitamin B. Folic acid is necessary throughout pregnancy and especially in the first three months. It helps preventing occurrence of abnormalities in babies like Spina Bifida. It helps formation of red blood cells and helps the body absorb the nutritious materials in foods.

Also, fibers in orange regulate digestive system.

Keep in mind

If you happen to spot red orange, appreciate it. Orange ones contain higher amounts of lycopene.

When your baby wants some dessert, home-made orange jam will be a great alternative.


We all know that orange and other citrus fruits are great sources of Vitamin C. You would not want to deprive your baby of these important sources. However these are very acidic foods. For this reason these may cause itching and especially rashes in babies under 1 year old. If you want to give your baby orange before month 12, you should pay attention to whether it causes allergic reactions or not.

Nutritional value per 1 medium sized orange;
346 IU Vitamin A
82 mg Vitamin C
0.09 mg Vitamin B1
48 mcg Folate


232 mg Potassium
32 mg Phosphor
15 mg Magnesium
60 mg Calcium