It treats anemia. It works up an appetite and helps digestion thanks to its fiber content.  It is a good source of dietary fiber. It helps smooth functioning of the baby's digestive system. Your baby will not suffer from Constipation.  Plum types are very extensive, green plum, green gage, japanese plumdamson plum...No matter what type of plum you choose, little gourmets will love their form and color.Click for ways of overcoming iron deficiency. 
Also plum is rich in potassium and magnesium minerals. It contains Vitamin and Vitamin C. It is rich in calcium... Since it is very rich in Vitamin C, it accelerates absorption of iron. Then again it does not pose high allergy risk. So you can give it to your baby at ease.   Click here for delicious recipes of Gurme Bebek with plum.
Keep in mind 

You simply need to eat plums shortly after you buy them.  
Plum will come to your rescue when your little gourmet has  constipation.  
Plum is diuretic. For this reason, it is not one of the first foods to give when introducing solids to your baby.  
Nutritional value per one cup of plum; 
Vitamin A 560 IU  
Vitamin C 15.7 mg  
Vitamin B 1.04 mg  


Potassium 259 mg  
Phosphor 26 mg  
Magnesium 12 mg  
Calcium 10 mg  
Iron  .28 mg