Trabzon persimmon or as very well known Japanese Persimmon. As a matter of fact it is the Chinese Persimmon. Because its mainland is China. It is grown around Black Sea, Hatay and Antalya region in our country. It has been produced for the first time in Artvin region. And Artvin was under management of Trabzon at that time so it was named as “Trabzon persimmon”. Some people call it kaki persimmon.
Benefits of Trabzon Persimmon

Vitamins are the reasons why this fruit is so popular nowadays. It is a super Vitamin C source. It contains protein, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, magnesium, calcium phosphate, iron, potassium and folic acid (B9). The ideal time to introduce Trabzon persimmon to your baby is month 8. It is not a very allergenic food. It is very easy to prepare formula with persimmon.
Trabzon persimmon is especially good for cardiovascular diseases, digestive system disorders and boosts immune system . It is also used in treatment of weight loss, anemia and vitamin deficiency. Click here for ways to overcome iron deficiency.
Keep in mind

Trabzon persimmon is one of the foods that will come to your rescue when your little gourmet suffers from  constipation

You should not eat Trabzon persimmon before it grows ripe.  
Nutritional value per 2 persimmon; 

33 mg Vitamin C
155 mg Potassium
13 mg Phosphor
14 mg Calcium
1.25 mg Iron