Benefits of water melon
It is a very good beta carotene and lycopene source. These will boost the immunity  of your babies.
Keep in mind
Water melon is known as an appetizing food.
You must wash the water melon before cutting it. This will help prevent bacteria from contaminating the knife we will use to cut the fruit. Give it to your baby after removing the seeds.
Don't forget that the white part of the water lemon that is close to the peel of the fruit is quite nutritious.
You can introduce water melon to your baby after he is 8 months old. It may cause rashes in some babies. After giving him water melon watch your baby for a while. Don't forget to follow three day waiting rule . Though rare, some babies may be allergic to water melon. There is a high chance that kids that have pollen allergy are allergic to water melon. If your baby is hypersensitive, don't forget to consult your doctor before giving him water melon.
Water melon is another diuretic food, so if your baby has diarrhea, consult your doctor before giving him water melon to prevent further dehydration.
Nutritional value per 1 cup of mashed water melon;
5276 IU Vitamin A
57.3 mg Vitamin C
0.6 mg Vitamin B1
0.3 mg Vitamin B2
1.14 mg Potassium
33 mcg Folate                                                      417 mg Potassium
23 mg Phosphor                                                      19 mg Magnesium
14 mg Calcium
25 mg Sodium
0.33 mg Iron