Benefits of flax seed

Its Omega3, lignen and fiber content makes it a great vitamin and mineral source for the baby. By consulting your doctor, you may start giving 1 tea spoon of flax seed daily or dishes made with flax seed to your baby after your baby turns 2 years old.Benefits of flax seed are countless but it is better to grind it in the food processor as the baby's digestive system is not that developed yet.
Keep in mind
Flax seed acts like a natural laxative and is good for constipation but it is important not to give it in excessive amounts to prevent any harm to excretory system.
As it stimulates excessive secretion of estrogen, you should consult your doctor before giving it to your baby.

 Flax seed oil is as healthy as the flax seed however it should not be used as a substitute of any other oil.

If you are going to grind flax seed, grind it right before you use it. If you grind it and store it in the fridge, it tastes bitter and loses its healthy effects.