Semolina's nutritional value is higher compared to regular bread or regular rice. And don't forget that little gourmets need carbohydrate for energy. All of us but especially babies and children need  high quality carbohydrate .  

So if you are feeding your baby whole grains or high quality grains   instead of refined grains you don't need to keep on saying “Don't fill up yourself with bread, eat your meatball’. Because grains are as valuable as protein sources. Mother chefs fail to notice this most of the time.  
Semolina is same as pasta. Pasta is made by adding water and some enriching additives to semolina made of durum wheat and shaping and drying the dough.
Thanks to the properties of durum wheat, even though its nutritional value is high, regular yellow pasta would not be a substitute of whole wheat pasta. It is now possible to easily find in all stores dark color pasta made from durum wheat. Let's confess, some doesn't taste great. But if you are looking for a high quality product, you will not notice the taste! We are sure your little gourmets will love the pasta sauce you make with fresh vegetables of the season.

Baked macaroni is one of the favorite pasta dish that children love. Why don't you try to prepared baked macaroni with whole wheat pasta this time?
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Keep in mind
One portion of pasta made with semolina from durum wheat supplies 20% of daily fiber need of an adult.
When we think of semolina, we immediately think of semolina dessert and semolina helva. In fact semolina may be used as the basic ingredient in formula prepared for babies during their first months and it may also be added to soups.
Wheat flour has gluten. It may cause allergy in babies. Gurme Bebek does not advise dish made with whole wheat before month 8. Consult your doctor about the time to start giving dishes made with whole wheat to your babies.
Nutritional value per 100 gram whole wheat pasta;
Protein: 12.5 gr
Carbohydrate: 66.7 gr
Fats: 2.5 gr
Fiber: 6 gram
Phosphor: 265 mg
Magnesium: 75 mg
Iron: 2.5 mg
Zinc: 2 mg

Spice up your day with semolina dessert with peach.