Rice and oats  are good grains to give to babies. They don't contain gluten. Gluten allergy in babies may cause serious digestion problems in babies. Especially wheat gluten.

You can feed formula made with rice flour to your little ones as of month 4. But unless your doctor says otherwise, Gurme Bebek advises mothers to breastfeed their babies or give formula until month 6.

Brown rice is a good selenium source. Selenium increases production of natural killer cell and activate cells that fight against cancer. It is the most effective mineral in supporting immune system. You may prepare pudding made with brown rice or add brown rice to their vegetable soups.
Keep in mind
Babies need to start eating whole grains after month 6. Compared to formula made with traditional regular rice, formula made with  whole oats  or  brown rice  flour would be a much nutritious alternative. Traditional regular rice flour or starch is empty calorie. 
Processed grains like white flour and regular rice lose most of its nutritional value.

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Due to its natural fat content, whole grains become bug-infested much earlier than processed equivalents. Be careful about the storage conditions of whole grains.  


If you are going to use brown rice, you must wash it thoroughly. Rice is grown in loam. Therefore you must wash it with plenty of water before using it.
Nutritional value per 1 cup of (195 gr.) cooked brown rice; 
Protein 5 g 

Vitamin E: 0.1 mg 
Vitamin K: 1.2 mcg 
Thiamine: 0.2 mg
Folate: 7.8 mcg 
Chloine: 17.9 mg
Niacin: 3.0 mg 


Selenium: 19.1 mcg 
Potassium: 84 mg
Phosphor: 162 mg
Magnesium: 84 mg
Calcium: 20 mg
Sodium: 10 mg
Iron: 0.8 mg 

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