Gurme Bebek opens a different window into flour and recipes with flour. You don't need to say “No cookie for you if you don't finish your veggies’’! Because with the selection of right flour and ingredients, nutritional value of your cookies will sky rocket and these snacks will play a major role in child development. 
In our house we generally use wheat flour. However there are various types of flours. When mill the grain, you turn it into flour and all have countless benefits. As long as they are whole grains! All refined grains are empty calories. Whole grains are great sources of vitamin and minerals. Just like whole wheat. When choosing bread or making one at home with  bread flour go with whole wheat bread. Thanks to whole wheat bread, your little gourmet will take advantage of vitamins and minerals.
Wheat flour is the primary one. Whole wheat flour contains 5 times the fiber and 4 times the iron content of processed flour. 5 times more Vitamin B1, 10 times more Vitamin B6. 
When you eat 100 gram whole wheat flour a day, you get 27 percent of your daily iron need, 46 of magnesium and 31 percent of Vitamin B1 need.    
Keep in mind 
Processed grains like white flour and regular rice lose most of its nutritional value.
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For all recipes and dishes you can go with whole wheat or oat flour. Sometimes you may enrich the flour with wheat germ. Just don't forget that when using whole wheat flour, you have to use less amount than regular flour. For one cup of glass add one table spoon of flour less. 
Due to its natural fat content, whole grains become bug-infested much earlier than processed equivalents. Be careful about the storage conditions of whole grains. 

You should be cautious when feeding babies with products that contain wheat. Wheat contains gluten and babies are very responsive to gluten. Gurme Bebek recommends introducing wheat products to your babies at month 8. Please consult your doctor about wheat products. 
Nutritional value per 100 gram whole wheat flour
Carbohydrates 72.57 g 
Protein 13.70 g 
Fat   1.87 g 
Fiber   12.20 g 
Iron: 3.88 mg
Phosphor: 346 mg 
Magnesium:138 mg 
Sodium: 5 mg 
Potassium: 405 mg 
Vitamin B1 0,447 mg 
Vitamin B6 0,341 mg