How to do

Remove the stems and wash the strawberries thoroughly. Mash them in a deep bowl with a blender.
If you use strawberry jam, directly mash the jam.
Then add condensed yogurt and sugar, optionally, and pour the mixture into ice bars.
Keep it in the deep-freeze for 2 hours and that's it! Delicious and fun!


You may give it to younger babies using the fruits recommended for his specific age.
You may sweeten it with molasses or honey, instead of sugar if you like.


This is a very healthy recipe and you may try it with banana and cacao as well (melted chocolate). Your children will definitely love them!
Strawberry is an allergenic food.
If it's her first time, consult your doctor.
As sand may stick on strawberries, you should thoroughly wash them before giving it to your baby.
Strawberry is diuretic. Therefore you should avoid giving her strawberries when she has diarrhea.

Keep in Mind

The good news is, mothers can enjoy this yummy strawberry icecream, too! Its calorie is very low and it tastes wonderful! (We moms need a break from everything sometimes to pamper ourselves, right?:)

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