How to do

After melting the butter, combine all ingredients to make the dough.
Bake it for 20-25 minutes at 175 degrees.
Take it off the oven when it turns lightly brown and serve it to your kids.
It’s homemade biscuits made with love! Yummy and healthy. Just like a warm hug on a sunny day, a soft blanket in cold winter days, a word of love and understanding when you’re down, a lovely song of joy… You know what we mean, right? Bon appetite!


You may replace milk with apricot puree.
It’s enough to process 1-2 peaches in the food processor and you will have a perfect apricot puree.


Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule.
In this recipe, the molasses is cooked.
Taking into consideration the experts’ opinion stating that molasses and honey should not be exposed to high temperatures and should not be cooked, we recommend you to use fruit puree or add the honey/molasses when the dish cools a little.

Keep in Mind

You may process your cookies in food processor and store some of these crumbled cookies in the freezer in freezer bags.
The remaining portion may be kept in the fridge in a glass jar.
You may give them a few spoons at breakfast or add it to yogurts with fruits.

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