How to do

Process tomatoes, onions and garlics in a food processor.
If you don't want the skin of the tomato, strain the mixture.
If you are ok with it, pour the mixture in the pot and start boiling.
Remove the bubbles forming.
After boiling it for 15 minutes, reduce the heat.
The consistency of the ketchup is up to you.
If you want it a little thicker, continue to boil.
Add the remaining ingredients when it reaches the consistency you desire.
And boil it a little further.
Meanwhile prepare the sterilized jars.
Turn on the heat more and heat the mixture a little more.
And then pour the cooked mixture in jars when it is hot and turn the jar upside down after sealing it.
Keep the jars in this position until they cool down.
After they cool down, you may place them on your shelves.
Make sure the lids of the jars are being used for the first time, don't use old lids.
Make sure it's airtight.
Keep the jars in a cool place.
You don't have to strictly stick to the list of ingredients we gave here.
You may adjust it based on your taste by changing the ratio of vinegar, sugar, oil, salt and black pepper.
If you can't stop your children from eating ketchup, homemade ones will be a good solution. Watch your little gourmets enjoying your homemade ketchup; feel proud and happy. Bon appetite!


Always consult your doctor about the foods you will feed to your baby for the first time and  follow the three-day waiting rule.
You may spread this on bread and turn the bread into a finger food and you may give it to your baby as snack.

Keep in Mind

We used sugar and salt in this recipe.
However as the amount of other ingredients is high, sugar and salt ratio is relatively low.
You can prepare high amounts of ketchup with these ingredients so every portion your baby will eat shall have very low sugar and salt ratio.

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