How to do

Soak the dried apricot and raisins in water for 2 hours to soften them.
Then cook it at low heat (if you like)
Thin it with a blender and add lemon juice if your baby is used to it.
Now it’s time to enjoy this taste bomb! So yummy and healthy to help your little gourmets get healthier, stronger, happierJ Bon Appetite!


Babies are ready to eat dried fruits as of month 7 to month 9.
For more information about dried fruits that you can include in diet of your little gourmet, click here .

Keep in Mind

We don't advise using sugar in desserts you prepare for your little gourmets.
We recommend you to replace sugar with molasses, which acts like a natural sweetener.
However molasses needs to be produced and consumed at the right temperature.

Sender : Seda Sümer | Other recipes
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