How to do

Please note that you may buy kephir yeast from herbalists or pharmacies. Add the kephir yeast in milk at room temperature.
Make sure the bowl you pour the milk in is a glass one.
Then cover the bowl and keep the mixture in dark.
After keeping the mixture at room temperature for at least 1 day, separate the yeast with the help of a plastic strainer.
Never use a metal spoon or a mesh strainer.
Store the separated yeast in a container. Well done and bon appetite!


You may use half a teacup of the kephir you prepared as yeast to make delicious yogurts.

Keep in Mind

You don't need to heat the milk like you do when you are making yogurt.
On the contrary, you should not heat it and you should always keep it in the room temperature.
Time and temperature are the most important 2 factors when making kephir.
In warmer months, kephir will be ready to drink within 18 hours.
If you keep it at room temperature for a longer time, it will get thicker.
If lump formation occurs or if it is sour, this means you have kept it at room temperature longer than you should have.

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