How to do

After washing the leek, chop it finely and boil it in pressure cooker for 35 minutes.
Squeeze the water out of the boiled leeks.
Add 1 egg, bread crumbs, ground beef, salt and pepper and knead.
Take small pieces of the mixture, coat them with flour and fry both sides in a pan with little oil.
Leek balls is a great finger food.
Your baby will love to grab it with her little fingers. Bon Appetit!


This recipe has eggs in it. Separate the egg white and only use the egg yolk for babies under the age of 1.

Keep in Mind

To learn whether your baby is ready for finger foods or not, click here.
Leek is a great source of Vitamin C, iron and potassium; for more information about leek you may read our article .

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