How to do

Mix the peanut butter and honey in a small pan.
Cool it down a little and make sure ingredients blend in.
Slowly add the locust bean powder.
Add the sesame.
Keep it in the fridge for half an hour.
This way it will be easier to round the mixture.
Take a spoon of mixture and roll it in your hands in the size of a walnut.
Sprinkle grounded coconut on a plate.
Shake the plate and let the balls get coated with grounded coconut. Fun to prepare, right? It will be fun for your little gourmet to taste them.
Serve the tasty balls you prepared with love, bon appetite!
You may freeze the excessive amounts in fridge but wait for it to melt a little before eating.


Peanut butter and sesame in this recipe are highly allergenic foods.
So before feeding these to your baby, make sure that your baby had these before and she is not hypersensitive in any way.
Heating honey too much is unhealthy; just make sure it is tepid.
Also keep in mind that babies should not eat honey before they are 1 year old.

Keep in Mind

You may serve this healthy and delicious snack after month 12 due to its honey content.
For more information about benefits of honey and how to use it, click here .

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