Red meat is an important source of iron for all of us. Vegetarian eating style is not a very healthy choice for babies and children who need high amounts of protein and iron. Foods like lentil, molasses contain iron too but he has to eat the entire pot of lentil in order to get equal amount of iron that he gets from two meatballs.

Another important property of the iron in red meat is that it is easier to absorb it. Food of animal origin is absorbed much easier than vegetable based iron like lentil.

Keep in mind

Even red meat should be introduced as of 8 month olds, if your baby has iron deficiency and did not experience any digestion or allergy problem when solids are being introduced, you may consult your doctor and start adding red meat in mince form to the vegetable puree as of 7th month.

Don't worry if your baby did not like the taste or texture of the red meat, try it a few times but never insist. You may try it again after a few weeks. Don't forget that taste and texture of meat is very different than vegetable puree and pudding. Mothers tell that their babies give better response to meat after around 9 months. Besides when he is 9 months old, you can introduce him an excellent finger food, meatballs!! When he starts to feed himself with the small portions of meatball that you place before him, most probably he will decide that he likes meat. Click here  for our red meat based recipes.


Hand should be washed thoroughly after contact with raw meat. This way cross contamination will be prevented.

Which red meat?

Experienced mothers and a lot of doctors recommend lamb as it is exposed to less drugs and foreign substances and less pollution. 

Nutritional value per 1000 grams of veal;

Iron: 2 mg.
Potassium: 241 mg.
Phosphor: 186 mg.
Magnesium: 20 mg.
Calcium: 6 mg.

Vitamin B1  .06 mg
Vitamin B2  16 mg