How to do

Pudding made with oatmeal
Whisk the egg yolk in a bowl.
Heat the oil in a pan.
Add the banana and the pudding to the pan and stir.
Add in the eggs.
When the egg yolk is fully cooked, stir it slowly.
Cut the omelet into strips and serve your baby.
You cannot imagine how much they enjoy feeding themselvesJ Bon Appetite!


Omelet strips should be small enough for them to easily chew and large enough for them to grab.
Every baby has his own style.
Some babies can easily chew and swallow large chunks with their gingiva even if they do not have any teeth.
Or maybe you may mash larger pieces slightly and if they show good progress, you may start serving bigger pieces day by day.


Self-feeding is very important in terms of the relationship babies build with food and nutrition.
Start this process when you believe that your baby is ready in terms of his motor skills.
Is my baby ready to feed himself/to eat finger foods?

Keep in Mind

You may serve these and similar foods with a fruit puree sauce.
If you show your baby how to dip the food in this sauce, he will get used to it in no time.
This may be a great sauce for apple puree grated with a glass grate.
Don't tell yourself that apple and egg don't go well together! ​
Sometimes our cultural prejudice and habits may prevent children from discovering the rich world of foods.
You can be a little more open-minded and adventurous for your baby!

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