How to do

Whisk the yogurt and the water in a bowl.
Crack the egg in a beating bowl.
Add semolina, diluted yogurt,
chopped dill with its stalks,
one of the dried fruits and salt; whisk them.
Melt the butter in a nonstick pan
and fry the omelet until both sides are nicely fried in pink. That’s it! You have a nice, delicious, fun omelet to enjoy with your little gourmet. Bon Appetite!


Please note that ingredients in this recipe may cause allergy in babies. Try each ingredient one by one before serving her to see whether your baby shows any allergic reactions.

Keep in Mind

As the recipe contains semolina, diluted yogurt keeps the mixture moist and soft when cooked. Place the lid of the pan while cooking and make sure that you braise it. This way, the egg will boil completely and the omelet will not stick to the pan due to water loss.
Protein, carbohydrate, calcium, fat and vitamins.. With this fun recipe, you can offer all nutritional elements that your baby needs in one meal. Portion of this size served with 100 ml tea fills up my daughter who is 1 year old and has a moderate appetite. If your baby is older or has a very good appetite, you may increase the amount of other ingredients, except eggs, and you may serve it to your little ones with any herbal tea that is appropriate for their age.

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