It is a great carbohydrate and energy source thanks to its high sugar content. It supplies large part of the daily  calcium, potassium and magnesium need of the body. Benefits of molasses are countless… 

Typically molasses gives energy and works up the appetite. It is a very healthy food for expecting mothers and for infant development during pregnancy. Also it has positive effects on stomach, intestines and kidneys. It helps cure athersclerosis and improve blood circulation.
2 tea spoons of molasses supplies 10% of daily  iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium need. Also it is a good selenium and B6 source. 200 gram molasses is equivalent to 1150 gram milk, 300 grams of bread or 350 grams of meat calorie wise.
80% of its sugar content is made up of glucose and fructose and is a very precious food for little gourmets. Especially its natural glucose and fructose content makes molasses a great energy supply as the body immediately absorbs it.  
After breast milk, it is one of the best foods in terms of amino acid balance. Also it contains high amount of mineral.
In sudden temperature drop, molasses helps balancing body temperature. Above all in winter, molasses is great against common cold.  

Keep in mind 

Molasses is a natural sweetener added to tea, milk, cereals and desserts as a substitute for sugar. Instead of feeding empty calorie to your baby, give her foods flavored with molasses, a great vitamin and mineral vitamin source, this way you will both meet her need for dessert and boost her health. 


Sugar content of molasses is very high so always consult your doctor about how much molasses you should give your baby... 
You'd better use molasses without heating it. If you are going to add it in a pudding, cook the pudding and let it cool down. And then add molasses.